Many Questions Arise in Light of USP<800> Mandate

March 5, 2018

USP<800> has become the focus in the hospital pharmacy sector.  There is a lot of confusion and questions on why, how, when, & who. Just as hospital pharmacies got a grasp on the USP<797> requirements, these questions are lining the minds of the professionals.  The why-USP<800> has been designed and implemented to protect personnel, patients, delivery men, and the public.  Protection from what?  Protection from the hazardous compounds that are harmful to those handling the substances.  The how-by designing cleanrooms that are in a negative pressure environments, BSC's, proper training in gowning and spill containment.  The when-the USP,800> mandate has been set for Dec. 1, 2019.  Your facility must have an action plan for completion for that date.  Lastly-the who-this mandate is intended to protect all involved with the handling of hazardous compounds: pharmacies, administers, environmental staff, hospital patient rooms with chemotherapy patients, delivery and handling personnel, hazardous waste containers.

Further information can be found on the USP site.  





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