Bio-Gard PVC Wall Laminate per linear foot pricing

Bio-Gard PVC Wall Laminate per linear foot pricing

$3.90 is for Square Foot Pricinng to Purchase

Call for installation pricing. 

Bio-Gard Wall & Ceiling Laminate achieves a superior finish for aseptic environments.
Easy to maintain and easy to clean, Bio-Gard Wall & Ceiling Laminate eliminates the need for drywall repair while meeting the most stringent aseptic protocol; 2mm PVC sheets offer Bio-Gard superior resistance to chemicals and impact compared to an epoxy paint finish;  Thermo-formed and vacuum molded corners and coves offers a smooth seamless transition from walls to ceilings; Installation includes lamination and heat-welding of the panels for a seamless, homogenous, non-porous wall finish that can be applied over most solid substrates, including drywall, cement board, and smooth concrete; The standard system finish is a high-gloss white. Custom colors and anti-microbial additives are available upon request;  Bio-Gard has been tested with UL Standard 723 to meet ASTM E-84, and it satisfies USDA, and FDA requirements for clean ability.


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