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Considering building or renovating an existing space to create a cleanroom environment? You have discovered the solution.  Cleanetics, Cleanroom Consultants, can complete your project from concept to certification.  Our team has been providing cleanroom environments around the globe for decades.  Top facilities have trusted Cleanetics with their project. 

You can, too. 


With over three decades of experience in the cleanroom sector, Cleanetics’ team of professionals can design, build, and certify your cleanroom project. Our experience focuses on USP797, USP800, 503A/B, Medical Device, Semi-Conductor, Pharmaceutical, and Research Facilities.

Our team provides consultations, management, construction, certifications, preventative maintenance, custom built products and particle monitoring. 

After assessing your facilities process, we can determine the best approach. Either retrofitting your cleanroom or building new, Cleanetics will create the cleanroom environment to meet your specifications. Based on your assessment we can design/install modular cleanroom walls or Bio-Gard wall laminate that is a heat welded system to build your facility.

When your project is complete and functioning, Cleanetics can conduct your preventative maintenance services to ensure your cleanrooms sustainability and certification performance.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are professionals with extensive experience  in Cleanroom Consulting, Building, Preventative Maintenance, and Certifying services. Working in the industry for a over three decades, Cleanetics can assist you in any stage of your cleanroom project.  Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, we will provide you with sound advice and guidance every step of the way. Take a look around and see all Cleanetics can do for you today.

Cleanetics, cleanroom consultants, can provide  Modular Cleanrooms, Bio-Gard Wall Laminated Cleanroom Systems, New Construction, Retrofitting of Cleanrooms, Updating to USP<800> standards, Updating to USP<797> standards, Perform Cleanroom Maintenance Contracts, Perform  Certifications, Design and Build Custom Manufactured Material Pass-throughs and Casework. 


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Cleanroom Consultants

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Nationwide and International Availability

Clearnooms for All Industries

USP<797>, USP<800>, 503b, Circuit Board Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical,

Semi-Conductor, Nanotechnology, Research Laboratories, Animal Vivariums

Cleanroom Projects: Modular and Laminate 

Engineer in Laboratory
Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Facility
ISO 5 Cleanroom Gowning Station
503B Cleanroom
Bio-Gard Wall Laminate
Negative Pressure, ISO 5, Cleanroom
Cleanroom Laboratory
USP797 Cleanroom
Custom Material Pass Through
ante room witth auto pass
Custom Material Storage Unit
Custom Material Pass-Through
ISO7 Anteroom
Modular Cleanroom in Construction
ISO 5 Amber Lighting
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Custom Sterile Casework
Environmental Worker

We have many clients in the USP Sector (Hospital Pharmacies?503A/B),  Research Laboratories, Semi-Conductor, Nanotechnology, and Biotechnology.  The companies listed below are just a few of our clients.  For more references, please contact one of our representatives.

For many years, we have been assisting facilities in defining and fulfilling their ISO regulations. Having worked with industry-leading clients across the globe, we've managed to earn the reputation as a top Cleanroom Consultant and Builder. Take a look at who we have worked with and get in touch with us today.

USP<797> & USP<800> Hospital Pharmacies * Animal Vivariums * Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities 

Nanotechnology * Semi-Conductor * Medical Device * Sterile Compounding Facilities * 503b

USP<797>, USP<800>, 503b, Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Semi-Conductor

A Comprehensive Approach

As the single point of contact, Cleanetics provides a complete project scope and costing prior to the start of the Cleanroom project.  

Providing expertise in our clients cleanroom regulations ( USP797, USP800, 503b, ISO Standards) is our specialty. Whether our client is retrofitting or building in an open space, Cleanetics can consult and design the Cleanroom with ease.  

Initial assessment of the project is a no obligation process.  If wishing to contract with Cleanetics, we will walk you through the design process and pricing.

Space Planning
Construction Worker

Expert Guidance




At Cleanetics, we can project manage your cleanroom facility to ensure on time and accountability from your GC.  With expert experience in the Cleanroom sector, we will make sure your facility is adhering to FDA regulations.  

If contracting us to build your Cleanroom, we will assess the design and verify that it will be functional and meeting your regulations.  Our contracting team is one of the top in the nation and has built high profile jobs around the globe.  

Point of contact and thorough communication is what Cleanetics will provide.

Our installation crew has vast experience with most modular cleanrooms in the industry and are certified to install Cleanetics heat welded Bio-Gard wall laminate for "stick built" construction.

Trust our installation crew to complete your next project. 

*Experienced*Concise Communication*Global*

Controlled Cleanroom Environments

With the ever changing certification requirements, Cleanetics can assist you in your needs.

 Offering monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual preventative maintenance contracts, Cleanetics will clean, change filtration, particle monitor, and provide an assessment on your cleanrooms aseptic levels.  


Particle Counts, Pressure Differential, Temperature & Humidity 

Cleanetics also offers particle monitoring to validate your facilities ISO action levels.  Most companies will complete the certifications during resting periods.  Cleanetics will complete certifications during operational hours to ensure real time particle monitoring.  

In need of evaluating your facilities SOP standards?  Cleanetics can complete your observations and assess your technicians.  Providing guidance to those that are new to the cleanroom process is one of our specialties.  Our current clientele include USP797 and 503B facilities. 

Featuring Climet Particle Monitoring Systems, Cleanetics can provide quotes for continuous particle monitoring systems.  Keeping your facility FDA compliant is easy with their products.  

Take a look at what Climet has to offer.  We can service the states of NY, NJ, and PA.

Petri Dish

Let Cleanetics be your "one stop" for Cleanroom success. Trust us to consult, design, build, and certify your project.

Trust the Cleanroom Experts
Cleanroom Consultants & Contractors 



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